I had such a great experience here, everyone was so nice and comforting through out the entire process. I absolutely love my new porcelain veneers! They have made my confidence go up so much!

William Quintero

Dr. Ahmed was amazing! Kind, easy to talk to and knows what he's doing! The rest of the staff is also incredibly kind and welcoming.

Julia Relova

Professional service, well trained personnel and up to date facility. Highly recommend

Kamel Elhosary

I just had a downright pleasant experience at the dentist! The staff at Hedgecock are all super friendly and helpful. They worked extra hard to accommodate my weird scheduling constraints and make me comfortable.

Dani Kunz

Reached out to ask about cost of treatment if you do not have insurance. The person I spoke to then sent me information about insurance coverage and really went above and beyond to help out. She was extremely polite as well. Looking forward to actually trying the dentist out!

Alyona Delacoeur

Outstanding experience. I had an emergency tooth extraction with Dr Hany that was perhaps 99% pain free after I spoke to both Dr Brandon and Stephanie late Sunday. They really answered my call for help in a courteous, safe and effective manner. I contacted them finally because I'd met Racquel a year before and gushed about them and how happy she was to work there. After more diligence on my part, I'm very happy to have hopefully researched and hired my last new Dentist

Doug Hall