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Hedgecock Dental In-House Membership Plan

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For those without insurance benefits, Hedgecock Dental is pleased to offer an In-House Savings Program. You don't have to worry about filing with an insurance provider and receiving prior approval as a member of our VIP Private Care Savings Program.

An annual membership fee for the VIP Private Care Savings Program is:
  • One payment of $390
  • Four consecutive monthly payments of $99 ($396 total)
Annual membership fees include the following services:
  • Two professional "6 month" cleanings (not including periodontal treatment).
  • Two complete exams (new patient and/or periodic) by the doctor at hygiene visits.
  • One complete annual required radiograph series (bitewings or full mouth series only).
  • 15% Savings on all purely cosmetic dentistry procedures, including Six Month Smiles, Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and porcelain veneers (minimum of 4 teeth).
  • No "maximums", no waiting periods, no exclusions.
  • $99 for Custom Whitening Trays plus FREE "Whitening Forever" services, which includes one free whitening gel syringe at every hygiene visit, forever (full fee is $350).
  • 20% Savings on anxiety-reducing NuCalm, Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), Oral Sedation, and IV Sedation.
  • 10% Savings on all dental products.
Total Value: $814 minimum to unlimited, depending on services provided.
Note: If a minimum of 3 or more family members, co-workers, or friends join this Private Care Savings Program as a "group", each member may be added for $315 each, a savings of $50 per member.

Hedgecock Dental also offers a Periodontal Savings Program, which includes all of the services in the VIP Private Care Savings Program, with the addition of:
  • Four complete professional Periodontal Maintenance hygiene visits
The total value of this membership plan is: $1,307 minimum to unlimited, depending on services provided.
The annual membership fee for the Periodontal Private Care Savings Program is:
  • One payment of $680
  • Five consecutive monthly payments of $139 (total of $695)
Please speak with our Office Manager for all of the details of these programs!


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