Registered Dental Assistant

Heather grew up in South Alabama where most of her family still lives, but recently moved to Austin from Alaska. After she graduated from high school in 2004, she started learning on the job with a dentist, then became a certified Dental Assistant in 2015. She's worked with specialists in periodontics, orthodontics, and endodontics, and her favorite part of dental assisting is meeting and getting to know new people, as well as helping ease their anxiety about visiting the dentist.

Heather and her family love the outdoors, especially the mountains, and she hikes whenever she has the chance. She also enjoys movies and crafts. Her amazing girlfriend, Erin, is serving in the US Coast Guard Reserves and attending nursing school. Her daughter, Ellie, is loving middle school and the weather in Texas. Heather, Erin, and Ellie have two dogs: Gertrude and Hartley.